Queensland Government “Get Started” Program

Queensland Government ShieldCaboolture Sports Cricket Club is able to offer eligible families access to the Queensland Government Get Started Vouchers program. The Queensland Government has accepted Caboolture Sports Cricket Club as a registered club with the Get Started Vouchers program so we can now accept vouchers.

The Get Started Vouchers program is part of the Queensland Government’s Get In The Game initiative to support sport and recreation at the grass roots level.

Get Started Vouchers assist children and young people who can least afford or may otherwise benefit from joining the Caboolture Sports Cricket Club. Eligible children and young people can apply for a voucher valued up to $150 which can subsidise the cost of membership or participation fees within our club.

How To Apply

Before you can apply for a voucher you will need to answer some questions. Click here and follow the instructions.

Need further information?

For further information about Get Started Vouchers, telephone 13QGOV, email [email protected] or visit the Queensland Government website.

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