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Welcome to our new President and Vise-President

The Caboolture Sports Cricket club has installed a Steering Committee to oversee the running of the Club. Over the next few weeks we will introduce you to those who have volunteered their time. First up we have:

President – Ben “Bear” Stuart

Bear, as his knickname suggests, has a presence about him and is the ideal person to step into the role of President. Bear and his partner Shannon have a heap of kids (4) who are just as passionate about the Snakes as Bear is and part of our Junior cricket program!

Bear has played at the Snakes as a Junior 1995 and with the Senior sides since 2002. He has been the backbone of the 2nd and 3rd grade sides for a number of years and has been a great mentor for the youth coming through the Senior ranks. 2 knee reconstructions has hampered his movement but is still one of the most reliable members representing the Snakes.

Vice-President – Clayton ‘Simo” Simpson

Like Bear, Simo has been part of the Snakes family for a long time, in fact in 2021 was inducted as a Life Member. Starting in the junior ranks and very quickly identified as an emerging Senior player at 13, played his first game in 5th grade alongside his old man Harvey. As he progressed, Simo left to have a go in the Brisbane Premier League playing 2nd grade at Valleys where, if you let him, he will tell you about the time he got called up as a sub alongside the great man A.B.

Simo was part of one of the great dynasties of the snakes where he opened the partnership with Santa where they would regularly put big runs on the board Santa hitting lots of runs of very few balls and Simo mixing it up with lots of dots off many balls at the other end, a formidable team.

More recently Simo has captained the 2nd grade side as he has watched his own two boys, Tex and Carter, go on to represent the Snakes in the 1st grade where they have certainly held their own and have cemented their place.

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